Mikis Kalogiratos started his racing career from Motocross participating in Greek local races from 1995
up to 2000. At 2000 started racing karting circuits with more than 220 races entered. He has been
official driver for the most of the Greek Karting Importers ( TECNΟ – BIREL – MARANELLO – FERNANDO
ALONSO – ENERGY- EXPRIT etc.), also competing in Greek Time Attack series driving a Mitsubishi evo 9
with a lot success setting many track records, winning a 4 races trophy and several podiums between
2008 and 2010, made also formula car testing for some years with Fortune Motorsport. He has won
multiple titles here in Greece and at the top of his carrier 2004 – 2005 finished in Italy 2 times 2nd in the
European Bridgestone Cup Final in Mono class (all with the same engines), also in 2007 with the Greek
Official Team finished 8th in the World IAME Finals in Zuera Spain racing 2 days endurance events.

His races are so many to write down specific events, in his pal mares counts more than 24 victories in
circuits, and more than 95 times in the podium, numbers that made him an important and realy famous
driver in his country.During the years 2011 to 2016 he was working in Italy with Italian teams and
Russian drivers in development and teaching young drivers to compete in the italian and the world
championships (90 coaching races), didn’t participated a lot in the Greek motorsport, he has worked
with DAVIDE FORE (4 times world champion), JONATHAN THONON (3 Times world champion) and in
Danillo Rossi Official Team (3 times world champion), meanwhile was planning the return in car circuits
with a winning car to compete in the National Circuit Championship and try to set new track records in
all races to achieve the maximum advertisement and publicity for his supporters.

During the summers for the last 6 years and on he constructed and owned the Navarino Speed
Experience Park (Karting Circuit in Costa Navarino Dunes Resort in Greece) , a track he prepare with ISO
9001 certification for safety and probably one of the best rental karting circuits around Εurope.

So from 1999 he worked a lot his media connections and have achieved the best in his country but also
made some connections abroad. This connections abroad happened after the youtube video
productions he made at 2013-2014 and his successful youtube channels with more than 800.000 views
and after his achievement to set the main idea for a karting race in the center of his hometown PATRAS,
finding the promoter to fund and organize the race for the national federation. Patras International
Circuit for Kart is at the moment a sequel of 12 years and keep going. You can check the race here: P.I.C.K. is the biggest Motorsport event happens in
Greece the last 12 years with more than 20.000 people attending every day and live tv coverage nation
wide. The first 2 years Mikis was the winner of the faster class KZ2 (6 speed gearbox karts).This race
gave him the power and recognition to motorsport media and non motorsport related media.
Everywhere he wear a helmet he has foul media coverage in Greek motorsport magazines, newspapers,
tv shows etc.

At 2021 Mikis Kalogiratos after the idea to start motocross practice again he came in agreement with
the official importer of the KTM Motorcycles group in Greece and agreed to make the dealership for the
KTM & Husqvarna motorcycles in Western Greece with a physical store in his hometown Patras.

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